PastorandFirstLady_marqBishop Paul Brown Jr.

Bishop Paul Brown Jr. is a man with a vision. As the Founding Pastor of this great work, his vision is greater than anything he could ever accomplish on his own. He knows that his success in ministry is based on the anointing that God has placed on his life.

Growing up under the watchful eye of his parents, the late Pastor Paul Brown Sr., and Mother Eldora Brown he saw first hand the power of God.   As a young adult, “doing his own thing”, which included drug addiction, gang involvement, and crime, he ended up serving time in prison.   Upon his release he looked back at the prison and vowed “I won’t be back”. A few weeks later, being obedient to Mother Brown he went to a revival at Shiloh Life Temple COGIC were his father was Pastor. During the message the Preacher said “You are not a man until you have God in your life”. He gave his life over to the Lord that Thursday night and has not been the same since. He likes to say he took “one step”, not “twelve steps”.

While serving in many capacities under Pastor Brown Sr. he was ordained an Elder in the COGIC by Bishop Charles E. Blake in 1997. He also had the pleasure of serving under Dr. Garon Harden, Pastor of Greater Open Door COGIC for 2 ½ years. In fulfillment of prophecy he became Pastor of Shiloh Life Temple COGIC in May 2007. In 2009 he received an AA Degree in Biblical Studies from the Long Beach Bible College. In obedience to God he became the Founding Pastor of Life Deliverance Ministries in April 2010. In 2012 Bishop Brown became a part of Kingdom Harvest Christian Alliance (KHCA) whose Founder is Apostle Ron C. Hill Sr. In January 2015 Bishop Brown founded Yasha Ministry Coalition.

He has been married to his beautiful wife, First Lady Sharon Brown, since 1991. They are the parents of 5, 1 daughter and 4 sons, and grandparents of 3.

With a focus on soul winning, and deliverance, his ministry continues to grow. God’s power of deliverance is manifested through him and reaches men, women, and children of every race. His life experience helped to equip him for a time, and a people such as this.

Co-Pastor Sharon Brown

Lady Sharon Brown was saved in 1986 at Shiloh Life Temple COGIC under the ministry of the late Pastor Paul Brown Sr. and Mother Eldora Brown. After committing her life to Christ she humbled herself under leadership and was taught how to live saved. Having received a solid foundation she was able to work in ministry, developing the gifts that God placed in her life. Lady Brown received her Missionary License in 1996 from the COGIC So Ca First Jurisdiction, State Supervisor Barbara M. Lewis.

Before becoming a First Lady she served in her local church as Pastors’ Aide President, Nurses Unit President, Deaconess Board President, Choir President, Youth Leader, First Assistant in the Evangelist Mission Department, Prayer & Bible Band President, and Sunday School Teacher.   Lady Brown has also served in a district level as Chairperson in the Aspiring Missionary Department.

God has anointed her to deliver the Word of God. She believes that people must be challenged to be all that they can be in God. God has placed the gift of faith in her life and she believes that God can do anything!

Lady Sharon Brown Co-Pastor’s Life Deliverance Ministries (LDM) with her husband Bishop Paul Brown Jr. LDM is a “deliverance station” for all who have a mind to be delivered. A dynamic frontline ministry, receiving souls “in the raw”, impacting the Body of Christ. “God manifests His Power and His Anointing in LDM and we are so grateful to have Him all up in our business”.

Married to Bishop Paul Brown Jr. since 1991…………………..